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Hurricane Preparation And Safety Guide

Posted by cat5shuttersllc on May 31, 2013

Hurricane Preparation And Safety Guide

Mayor’s Message

Hurricane Warning WatchThe 2013 hurricane season is right around the corner, and runs from June 1st through November 30th. We’ve been fortunate to have several quiet hurricane seasons in recent years, but future hurricanes are inevitable.
And while Miami-Dade County has a world-class Emergency Operations Center to help us through all types of emergency situations, it is up to each and every resident to be prepared for the possibility of a hurricane.
Making a hurricane plan ahead of time and stocking up on vital supplies will go a long way to helping you and your loved ones stay safe in the event of a storm. It will save you time, money and worry, too.

Please make sure that you and your family are prepared for the 2013 hurricane season.

Gearing Up On a Budget

Residents spend hundreds of dollars every year purchasing hurricane supplies such as bottled water, gasoline and nonperishable food items. In many cases, people wait until a storm threatens South Florida to make a last-minute rush to local stores to purchase supplies, usually resulting in a large expenditure.
Remember, it’s more cost-efficient to build your kits little by little, using what you already have at home whenever possible.

  • Purchase an extra can or box of non-perishable food or other supplies for your hurricane kit during each trip to the grocery store, making use of coupons and sales when available.
  • Combine resources with family, friends and neighbors to save money buying in bulk, then divide the items up.
  • Fill containers 2/3 full with tap water and keep them in your freezer for ice after a storm.
  • Make bed rolls from your existing comforters and blankets. Source
Why is Protecting Windows So Important?

Once a window is broken, the wind blows inside to not only wreck the interior, but also to apply upward pressure on the roof, which might be enough to sent if flying. If this happens, the walls collapse and your house is done for.
Protection can include impact-resistant glass or other permanent materials that have passed the state of Florida or Miami-Dade County (Fla.) impact standards tests, sturdy shutters, or pieces of marine plywood, marked and cut to fit each window and glass door.

Cat 5 Shutters InstallationHurricane shutters are a great investment to those families that live in hurricane-prone areas or just want the added safety benefit of having them. Hurricane shutters can be the difference of having a safe home to come home to instead of a home that has been obliterated from a catastrophic hurricane. Hurricane shutters are available as:

Don’t get caught with a malfunctioning shutter during a hurricane!

Cat 5 hurricane shutters covering windows and doors are a first line of defense for between the outside elements and indoor contents. Cat 5 hurricane shutters protect windows from high winds and flying projectiles. Once broken, windows will allow wind, rain, and debris to enter the house or building. Broken windows may also cause intense pressure on the roof and interior walls. A collapsed roof exposes all contents and possessions inside the house to the tropical storm or hurricane. Mother Nature has an incredibly powerful and potentially devastating way of presenting herself. Hurricanes and tropical storms are perhaps some of the most fierce. The importance of properly preparing for a hurricane with exterior Cat 5 hurricane shutters can not be stressed enough. While family members, pets, and small valuables can be evacuated, houses, businesses, and other properties must be strong enough to endure the storm. Protect your home with hurricane shutters. Contact Cat 5 Shutters to get advise and

Before the Storm

Properly pruning trees and shrubs before a hurricane approaches can reduce the debris that may become airborne during a storm. Proper pruning also increases the likelihood that a tree can weather a storm. Make sure to consult or hire a certified and licensed arborist prior to doing any tree pruning.

Miami-Dade Solid Waste customers can dispose of small trash items with twice-weekly garbage collection service. If you receive automated service, all waste must fit in the waste cart and the lid must close.
If you receive manual collection service, small trash items may be set out in bags, cans or bundles with your household garbage. Items should be no more than 50 pounds each and bundles should measure no more than 4 feet in length.
Do not begin any pruning or cleanup activities or place trash on the curb during a Hurricane Watch or Warning.

During a Hurricane

If a hurricane is likely in your area, you should:

  • Monitor your radio or television for weather updates and instructions from public safety officials.
  • Stay indoors, preferably in a room with few or no windows.
  • Take your emergency kit and disaster supplies with you if you move from room to room.
  • If flooding threatens your home, turn off electricity at the main breaker.
  • If you lose power, turn off all major appliances.
  • Use flashlights, not candles or kerosene lamps, as your light source.
  • Avoid using the phone and do not take a bath or shower during the storm.
  • Fight the temptation to go outside during the “eye of the storm”. There’s only a brief period of calm before hurricane force winds return.
  • Keep children informed about what’s happening and watch for signs of stress.
  • Keep animals in their carriers.

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