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Installing "Peace of Mind"

The United States Hurricane Problem

Posted by cat5shuttersllc on May 29, 2013

The United States Hurricane ProblemThe United States has a significant hurricane problem. Our shorelines attract large numbers of people. From Maine to Texas, our coastline is filled with new homes, condominium towers, and cities built on sand waiting for the next storm to threaten its residents and their dreams.

There are now some 45 million permanent residents along the hurricane-prone coastline, and the population is still growing. The most rapid growth has been in the sunbelt from Texas through the Carolinas. Florida, where hurricanes are most frequent, leads the Nation in new residents. In addition to the permanent residents, the holiday, weekend, and vacation populations swell in some coastal areas 10- to 100-fold.

A large portion of the coastal areas with high population densities are subject to the inundation from the hurricane’s storm surge that historically has caused the greatest loss of life and extreme property damage.

Perception of Risk

Over the past several years, the warning system has provided adequate time for people on the barrier islands and the immediate coastline to move inland when hurricanes have threatened. However, it is becoming more difficult to evacuate people from the barrier islands and other coastal areas because roads have not kept pace with the rapid population growth. The problem is further compounded by the fact that 80 to 9O percent of the population now living in hurricane-prone areas have never experienced the core of a “major” hurricane. Many of these people have been through weaker storms. The result is a false impression of a hurricane’s damage potential. This often leads to complacency and delayed actions which could result in the loss of many lives.

All hurricanes are dangerous, but some are more so than others. The way storm surge, wind, and other factors combine determines the hurricanes destructive power. To make comparisons easier and to make the predicted hazards of approaching hurricane clearer to emergency forces-National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s hurricane forecasters use a disaster-potential scale which assigns storms to five categories. Category 1 is a minimum hurricane; category 5 is the worst case. Source

Hurricane Protection With Storm Shutters

Most conventional windows do an adequate job of protecting inhabitants from the elements, but very few are engineered to withstand extreme weather conditions. During storms and other severe weather events, standard windows may be struck by flying debris, or allow pelting rain or cold air to penetrate living areas. One early solution to this problem was the addition of wooden shutters, but a more modern solution is the installation of storm windows.

Installing exterior storm windows is not a job for beginners. Consider hiring a hurricane installation company for all your hurricane protection needs.

Hurricane Shutters in Monroe County
Cat 5 Shutters, LLC.
Serving Locations Throughout Florida

Installing “Peace of Mind”

Cat 5 Shutters LLC offer the finest and strongest hurricane shutters and storm protection on the market. All of our hurricane shutters are tested and approved by Miami-Dade County and the Florida building code (High velocity Hurricane Zone) which will guarantee the purchaser the highest level of “Peace of Mind” during a hurricane disaster. We manufacture a wide variety of hurricane shutters; Accordion Hurricane Shutters, Bahamas Hurricane Shutters, Colonial Hurricane Shutters, Roll Down Hurricane Shutters, Storm Hurricane Panels, Stainless Steel Hurricane Screens, and Roll Down Screens. Keeping Floridians safe against hurricanes, storms, intruders and the suns rays

Bahama Shutters in Key WestWe have installed Hurricane Shutters, Storm Shutters, Window Shutters, Bahama Shutters, Accordion Shutters, Shutters for Windows, Storm Protection and Hurricane Protection products in Monroe County Florida. Listed below are some of our Hurricane Shutters Installation Projects in Monroe County.

  • Hudson 402 Luguna Ave Key Largo, FL
  • Foti 65700 Overseas Hwy Long Key, FL 33001
  • Grainger 156 Biscayne Blvd Islamorada, FL 33036
  • Huntington 240 Costa Brava Dr Islamorada, FL 33036
  • Martin 260 Costa Brava Dr Islamorada, FL 33036
  • Stine 252 Costa Bravo Dr Islamorada FL 33036
  • Field 131 West Plaza Granada Islamorada, FL 33036
  • Ocasio 178 Gulfview Dr Islamorada, FL 33036
  • Vanetten 182 Gulfview Dr Islamorada, FL 33036
  • USCG Station 183 Palermo Dr Islamorada, FL 33036
  • Beachwood Condo Association 75811 Overseas Hwy Islamorada, FL 33036
  • Ramsey 16 Hibiscus Dr Key Largo, FL 33037
  • Ellis 612 White St Key West, FL 33040

CAT 5 Shutters has clients in the following cities in Monroe County, Florida: Islamorada, Key Largo, Ocean Reef, Tavernier, Marathon, Long Key, Cudjoe Key, Big Pine Key and Key West.

Contact Cat 5 Shutters
Palm Beach County 561-333-CAT5 (2285), Monroe County 305-852-CAT5 (2285)
or email us for a quote.

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