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Do It Yourself or Professional Hurricane Shutters Installation

Posted by cat5shuttersllc on June 3, 2013

Do It Yourself or Professional Hurricane Shutters Installation

What Is The Best Kind of Shutter?

The best are those that are affordable and that you can manage to install or operate. For a disabled or elderly person, this may require some sort of automated method for closing; suggesting something like accordion shutters. For the strong handyman, heavy plywood trimmed to fit within the windows with secure mounting brackets makes sense. Bahamas shutters are a favorite for some because they serve a useful purpose year-round and are quick and easy to install when needed.

Storm PanelsStorm panels are a good compromise for many people. Steel panels offer the best protection, but are difficult to install because of their weight. Aluminum panels at a comparable price offer less protection, but are easier to install. If there is no source of heavy debris upwind, you might consider the lesser protection of aluminum shutters adequate. There are other types. The key in all of these is that the installation must be good, and done by a qualified and reliable workman, and they must suit the conditions under which they will be installed and expected to perform.

Which shutter choice is best for you depends on how much work you can do in fabricating and installing them. One word of caution: if electric power is used to open or close shutters, then a mechanical backup is mandatory, since electricity may very well be out either before or after a hurricane.

Is a Do-It-Yourself Hurricane Shutters Installation for You?

If you take on a shutter installation project as a do-it-yourself task, you need to be sure that you have enough information to get the shutter installed properly. We recommend permanent installation of fasteners for attaching shutters. Repeatedly installing shutters with nails or screws can damage your walls and weaken the connection when you really need it to work. Permanently installed fasteners make installation of shutters so much easier and faster than fumbling with screws and nails, plus this helps assure a more effective installation. The first things you need to know are:

  • What types of shutters you want to consider
  • How your walls are constructed including what types of finishes are installed over the structural part of the wall.
  • Any special features such as a window sill that sticks out from the wall.
  • Whether you want your shutters to qualify for insurance premium discounts.

With the types of shutters in mind and good information about different types of fasteners and anchors, you can decide what shutter solutions are best suited for your house and budget and pick the type of anchor to use for your house.

A table giving anchor size and spacing, using a one-size-fits-all philosophy, is included a little further down on this page. If you follow that spacing guidance, you can achieve a solid permanent anchor system for your shutters.
Next you will need to have or develop skill at installing fasteners into the walls of your house. This will likely involve skills at which you may not be practiced. This is especially true for concrete and concrete block installations that, in many situations and with most anchors and fasteners, require installation experience to ensure that the connections can withstand the vibrations created by hurricane winds. Special, though not exotic, tools may be required, such as a hammer drill, metal cutting blade for a skill saw, tools for setting anchors, ladders, etc. If you have these skills and have or can borrow or rent tools, then you may well want to consider installing shutters yourself. Bear in mind that to feel safe and be safe, shutter systems must be designed properly and installed properly.

Cost will likely be an important consideration when deciding whether to do it yourself or not. So bear in mind that though some panels may seem relatively inexpensive based on the square foot price of raw materials (such as plywood, or polycarbonates, etc.) you need to carefully lay out your panels and consider how much wasted material there will be that will raise the overall cost. Unfortunately cutting shutters from 4’x8′ pieces of plywood or polycarbonate product will frequently result in a lot of scraps you can’t use. Unless windows are small, you should figure that each window will require one 4 by 8 sheet of panel material. A typical bedroom window that is 3’ by less than 6’ will consume a full sheet, leaving scraps so small that they are practically worthless.

professional Shutters InstallationProfessional installation relieves you of the burden of designing the shutter system and the physical task of installing them. It does not relieve you of the burden of selecting a reputable and competent installation company that is capable of designing shutter systems and then getting them installed. The design aspect may be made less risky if your building department requires a building permit and the building department is knowledgeable and able to review the shutter plans. Building departments cannot usually have the knowledge or time to make effective inspections of all installations. This is a weak link without an easy answer. One of the problems is that some shutter installation companies subcontract out the installation and do not have the incentive, knowledge, or will to inspect the installations themselves. Source

Professional Hurricane Shutters Installation in South Florida

Don’t get caught with a malfunctioning shutter during a hurricane!

When it comes to securing the safety of your family, home and business during severe weather, only the finest storm protection will do. That’s why so many businesses and residents trust Cat 5 Shutters LLC, the world’s leading producer of hurricane shutters based out of West Palm Beach, Florida (Palm Beach County) to help protect the people and property they care about most during Hurricane Season… and throughout the year. Cat 5 Shutters has achieved a A ratings with the Better Business Bureau.

Cat 5 Shutters LLC is especially proud to introduce the most advanced Hurricane Protection systems on the market today. Our hurricane shutters are available in a wide array of designer styles, colors and will add value to your property and make it easier to secure your entire home than ever before!

We invite you to contact us today for more information, and discover the secret to enjoying unprecedented storm protection and “peace-of-mind” for many years to come!

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