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Hurricane Season

Posted by cat5shuttersllc on June 5, 2014

Hurricane SeasonIn the wake of a natural disaster, essentials such as fuel, food, ice, generators, lanterns, lumber, lodging etc may be short supply. Charging excessive prices for these and other necessities happens in awake of a storm or even afterwards.

Home repairs-

Know your contractor- Fly by Night contractors who are not do not have a licenses or insurance always offer the lowest price but also bring to the table problems.

Get at least 3 estimates. Be certain you see licenses and proof of insurance from all.

Be aware of solicitors offering services you don’t need. They may just be looking to see what is inside your home.

Avoid doing any work with a company that is requiring you to pay in just cash only. Make sure to get copies of all work done and checks that were written for your records.

At the end of the day make sure you are happy with the work that was done. Keep your records and do not be afraid of asking questions. If they don’t have the answers do not let them in.


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Hurricane Protection Products

Posted by cat5shuttersllc on May 12, 2014

Hurricane Protection ProductsIf your house is in danger of being hit by a hurricane, protecting windows and sliding glass doors is almost always the number one thing you can do to ensure you’ll have a livable house if the worst happens. But, if you wait until a hurricane watch is posted, you are almost surely too late. The best time to prepare for the hurricane season is now. There are many readily available products that can reduce or minimize the impact and save homeowners big bucks in repairs and insurance premiums. The peace of mind that can result is priceless.

Secure Door For Your Home Garage Door

Secure Door® is an extremely effective, Florida Building Code approved (FL6420), highly affordable solution that provides wind protection for garage doors in the event of a major hurricane. The product is a vertical bracing system made from high quality aircraft-grade aluminum that attaches to the inside of the garage door. Secure Door® hurricane garage door protection strengthens the door and provides support for the door in addition to the garage door tracks. Secure Door® is a patented hurricane garage door brace that converts most existing garage doors to a hurricane-resistant garage door. While no garage door can be considered a hurricane proof garage door, Secure Door’s exceptional performance capabilities have been proven through independent laboratory tests and may be as close to that goal as possible.      

Garage Door Hurricane Facts

Did you know????

The garage door is potentially the largest and weakest opening of your home to a hurricane? According to the Federal Alliance for Safe Homes about 80 percent of residential hurricane wind damage starts with wind entry through garage doors? The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has identified the loss of the garage door as one of four major factors in homes damaged and destroyed in Hurricane Andrew? As the American Red Cross warns, if your garage door fails, the full fury of the hurricane will enter your house and in all probability blow off your roof and destroy your home?

Hurricane Shutters

When it comes to securing the safety of your family, home and business during severe weather, only the finest storm protection will do. Cat 5 Shutters LLC is South Florida’s leading producer of hurricane shutters based out of West Palm Beach, Florida.

Cat 5 Shutters LLC is especially proud to introduce the most advanced Hurricane Protection systems on the market today. We offer the finest and strongest hurricane shutters and storm protection on the market. All of our hurricane shutters are tested and approved by Miami-Dade County and the Florida building code (High velocity Hurricane Zone) which will guarantee the purchaser the highest level of “Peace of Mind” during a hurricane disaster. We manufacture a wide variety of hurricane shutters; Accordion Hurricane Shutters, Bahamas Hurricane Shutters, Colonial Hurricane Shutters, Roll Down Hurricane Shutters, Storm Hurricane Panels, Stainless Steel Hurricane Screens, and Roll Down Screens. Keeping Floridians safe against hurricanes, storms, intruders and the suns rays based out of West Palm Beach, Florida.

We invite you to contact us today for more information, and discover the secret to enjoying unprecedented storm protection and “peace-of-mind” for many years to come!!

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Hurricane Shutters

Posted by cat5shuttersllc on May 7, 2014

Hurricane ShuttersWhat is the best kind of shutter?

The best are those that are affordable and that you can manage to install or operate. For a disabled or elderly person, this may require some sort of automated method for closing; suggesting something like accordion shutters. For the strong handyman, heavy plywood trimmed to fit within the windows with secure mounting brackets makes sense. Bahamas shutters are a favorite for some because they serve a useful purpose year-round and are quick and easy to install when needed.
Storm panels are a good compromise for many people. Steel panels offer the best protection, but are difficult to install because of their weight. Aluminum panels at a comparable price offer less protection, but are easier to install. If there is no source of heavy debris upwind, you might consider the lesser protection of aluminum shutters adequate. There are other types. The key in all of these is that the installation must be good, and done by a qualified and reliable workman, and they must suit the conditions under which they will be installed and expected to perform.
Which shutter choice is best for you depends on how much work you can do in fabricating and installing them. One word of caution: if electric power is used to open or close shutters, then a mechanical backup is mandatory, since electricity may very well be out either before or after a hurricane.

What about plastic films?

Plastic films are no substitute for shutters or plywood covers for windows and doors. However, demonstrations of their strength are quite impressive, and they are probably the next best thing to solid covers for windows and doors, especially where access to such glass areas is physically restricted. One problem is that they provide only a small measure of protection for the glass itself, and frequently the frame holding the glass in place can fail. This includes both windows and sliding glass doors.

How do I choose a company I can trust?

The same way one goes about choosing any company that performs services. Make sure they are licensed and above all, check their references. If the company provides the references, they will likely not give you names of unsatisfied customers; thus referrals from friends and relatives are preferable. Also, check with your local licensing authority, and contractor associations.

When is the best time to get shutters installed?

The best time to have shutters installed is when your house is built so that they can be part of the design. If you already have a home without shutters, then get them installed as soon as it is practical to do so. If they are permanently in place on your home, — such as Bahamas shutters, roll-down, accordion, etc. — then practice closing them once a year before hurricane season to make sure everything is in place and in working order.
If they are panels, then check at the beginning of each hurricane season to see that all hardware is available and check each opening to make sure no repairs are required. It is also a good idea to practice installing these panels for a couple of windows or doors prior to each season, to time how long it takes you to install them.
When a hurricane watch is issued, check all mechanisms and hardware again, and perhaps install some of your more difficult shutters. If you are in a potential evacuation zone, and it is going to take you more than 2 to 3 hours to install your shutters, you may want to start the work during the hurricane watch phase. If you are not in an evacuation zone, you should have time during the hurricane warning phase to install your shutters.

What if I can’t afford to get shutters?

The least expensive effective method of protecting windows is probably plywood. If plywood covers are properly installed, they are just as effective, or maybe more effective than commercial shutters. The key is proper thickness and installation. They should be cut, fit, and installed prior to the hurricane season, and then well-marked and stored with hardware for quick installation should a hurricane threaten your area. The time for installation is the same as for shutters mentioned above. You might consider doing a few windows at a time over a long period, or seeking financing to make them affordable. There will still be some people who, for one reason or another, just can’t afford to do either of these. For those, it is like not having insurance, recovering from the disaster will be slow, and they will have to depend on outside help. Putting tape on the windows is not considered worth the effort.

No matter what type of shutter you need contact CAT 5 Shutters, LLC on web at or call us 561-333-2285 or 305-852-2285

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Severe Weather Hitting Areas Hard

Posted by cat5shuttersllc on April 30, 2014

Severe Weather Hitting Areas HardSevere flooding in the panhandle of Florida was blamed for the death of a Pensacola woman Wednesday, raising to 36 the death toll from a series of violent storms accompanied by heavy rains rolling through parts of the Midwest, South and East since Sunday.
Tornado warnings had been posted for the Pensacola, Fla., area Tuesday evening, and the National Weather Service said several tornadoes touched down in eastern North Carolina.
Seventeen people were reported killed Monday after tornadoes roared through Alabama, Mississippi and Tennessee.
Rain soaked Alabama as it tried to recover from Monday’s tornadoes. The Weather Channel reported widespread flash flooding along Alabama’s Gulf Coast. Nearly 9 inches of rain fell in Mobile in one of the wettest days ever there.
The prolonged weather pattern was unusual, forecasters said, noting that Monday and Tuesday marked the first time in 22 years with 10 or more tornado deaths for two straight days.
The twisters and high winds flattened homes and businesses, uprooted trees and flipped cars across sections of the South and Midwest. The National Weather Service was investigating reports of almost 100 tornadoes. And the destruction may not be over yet.
More than 60 million people from southeastern Michigan to the central Gulf Coast to the Carolinas and southern Virginia were at risk of severe storms and tornadoes, AccuWeather meteorologist Alex Sosnowski said Tuesday.
Mississippi and Alabama remained the states with the highest risk of severe weather, with cities such as Meridian, Miss., and Birmingham, Ala., in the cross hairs for tornadoes, the weather service said.
The East Coast was not exempt. A forecast of ongoing heavy rain caused the weather service to issue flash-flood watches from northern Florida to southern New England.
Mississippi was hit the hardest Monday. The tornado that struck the Louisville, Miss., area was given a preliminary rating of at least EF4 by the National Weather Service. EF4 tornadoes have winds of 166-200 mph, making the Louisville twister the most powerful one to hit the USA this year.
Twelve deaths were reported in the state, nine of them in and around Louisville, a town of about 6,600 people. State Sen. Giles Ward said he was huddled in a bathroom with his wife, four other family members and their dog Monday night as a tornado destroyed his two-story brick house and turned his son-in-law’s SUV upside down onto the patio in Louisville.

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Hurricane Preparedness

Posted by cat5shuttersllc on April 23, 2014

Hurricane PreparednessKnow the Difference Hurricane Watch
Hurricane conditions are a threat within 48 hours. Review your hurricane plans. Get ready to act if a warning is issued, and stay informed.

Hurricane Warning
Hurricane conditions are expected within 36 hours. Complete your storm preparations and leave the area if directed to do so by authorities.

Landslides have occurred in almost every state and can cause significant damage. The term landslide describes downhill earth movements that can move slowly and cause damage gradually, or move rapidly, destroying property and taking lives suddenly and unexpectedly. Most landslides are caused by natural forces or events, such as heavy rain and snowmelt, shaking due to earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and gravity. Landslides are typically associated with periods of heavy rainfall or rapid snowmelt and tend to worsen the effects of flooding. Areas burned by forest and brush fires are also particularly susceptible to landslides. Landslides generally happen in areas where they have occurred in the past. Learn about your area’s landslide risk. Landslides can also be referred to as mudslides, debris flows, mudflows or debris avalanches.Debris flows and other landslides onto roadways are common during rainstorms.Heavily saturated ground is very susceptible to mudflows and debris flows.Be aware that, generally, landslide insurance is not available, but that debris flow damage may be covered by flood insurance policies from the National Flood Insurance.

Our pets enrich our lives in more ways than we can count. They are members of the family. In turn, they depend on us for their safety and wellbeing. The best way to ensure the safety of your entire family is to be prepared with a disaster plan. If you are a pet owner, that plan includes your pets. Being prepared can help save lives. Emergency action plans for your family should include your animals

Coping with Power Outages Sudden power outages can be frustrating and troublesome, especially when they last a long time. If a power outage is 2 hours or less, don’t be concerned about losing your perishable foods. For prolonged power outages, though, there are steps you can take to minimize food loss and to keep all members of your household as comfortable as possible.

Energy Conservation Recommendations Turn off lights and computers when not in use.Wash clothes in cold water if possible; wash only full loads and clean the dryer’s lint trap after each use.When using a dishwasher, wash full loads and use the light cycle. If possible, use the rinse only cycle and turn off the high temperature rinse option. When the regular wash cycle is done, just open the dishwasher door to allow the dishes to air dry.Replace incandescent light bulbs with energy efficient compact fluorescent lights.

Make Water Safety Your Priority Swim in designated areas supervised by lifeguards.Always swim with a buddy; do not allow anyone to swim alone. Even at a public pool or a lifeguarded beach, use the buddy system!Ensure that everyone in the family learns to swim well. Enroll in age-appropriate Red Cross water orientation and Learn-to-Swim courses.Never leave a young child unattended near water and do not trust a child’s life to another child; teach children to always ask permission to go near water.Have young children or inexperienced swimmers wear U.S. Coast Guard-approved life jackets around water, but do not rely on life jackets alone.Establish rules for your family and enforce them without fail. For example, set limits based on each person’s ability, do not let anyone play around drains and suction fittings, and do not allow swimmers to hyperventilate before swimming under water or have breath-holding contests.Even if you do not plan on swimming, be cautious around natural bodies of water including ocean shoreline, rivers and lakes. Cold temperatures, currents and underwater hazards can make a fall into these bodies of water dangerous.If you go boating, wear a life jacket! Most boating fatalities occur from drowning.Avoid alcohol use. Alcohol impairs judgment, balance and coordination; affects swimming and diving skills; and reduces the body’s ability to stay warm.

For all your shutter needs call us at CAT 5 Shutters. We offer free estimates. We also do service on hurricane protection. Once your family is prepared make sure your home is well. Contact us toll free at 1-877-CAT-FIVE or visit us on the web at

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Hurricane Season less than 2 months away..

Posted by cat5shuttersllc on April 22, 2014

Hurricane Season less than 2 months away..Hurricane season start June 1.. that’s less than 6 weeks away. Are you prepared? CAT 5 Shutters, LLC can help.. from installing new shutters to servicing the existing. Contact us we can help you be prepared.

We can help you be ready for the storms. Don’t delay call us today.

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Hurricane Hunters get new equipment

Posted by cat5shuttersllc on March 24, 2014

Hurricane Hunters get new equipmentKeesler Air Force Base’s 10 WC-130J aircraft, known as the Hurricane Hunters, are being equipped with commercial Iridium satellite phone systems through Lockheed Martin. Keesler chief meteorologist Lt. Col. Jon Talbot told The Sun Herald the new system will allow for direct communication with both the air traffic control and National Hurricane Center.
“The problem we were facing was when we’d do the hurricane flying, we’re out there in the middle of the ocean in places we can’t communicate with air traffic control guys and they can’t talk to us.
“We tend to fly fairly low and a lot of times we’re not in their radar coverage, so they can’t see us and they can’t talk to us because we’re too low and all this stuff is line of sight,” Talbot said.
Talbot said the Hurricane Hunters often need to clearance to venture into a specific region to ensure another aircraft isn’t near, but can’t because their communication has failed.
He said it’s not uncommon for Hurricane Hunters to relay messages to control towers through other aircraft in the area.
“We would talk to a lot of the commercial airliners, or whoever is out there flying, and their pilots would relay the information. That’s a normal thing that happens all the time. That’s the way we typically had been doing it, but some places there is no one else out there flying or we’re out there at 2 a.m.,” Talbot said.
The new system will be a backup to the traditional radio communications, but it will ensure the line of communication isn’t severed during a mission.
Talbot said Lockheed Martin equipped the first of 10 WC-130Js last fall and ran tests to assure the new system wouldn’t interfere with existing equipment. He said Lockheed workers will arrive at Keesler in April to install the system on the remaining aircraft.
Hurricane season begins June 1.

So make sure your home is ready for the upcoming hurricane season. Contact CAT 5 Shutters LLC toll free at 1-877-cat-five or visit us on the web at We offer free estimates and have a wide variety of hurricane products to fit any budget.

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Prepare now for Hurricane Season 2014

Posted by cat5shuttersllc on March 19, 2014

Prepare now for Hurricane Season 2014The official season begins on June 1 and runs through November 30. Long range forecasts can predict the intensity of the season, but not individual storms. Such forecasts are useful to gauge what to expect, but can’t offer insight into where storms will hit or how often. They are often publicized because they are newsworthy and help governmental agencies prepare for the worst.
Examining the records for Atlantic Basin Tropical Cyclones reveals that storms form during every month of the year, not just during the storm season.
Tropical Storm Risk, an organization headed by Prof. Mark Saunders and Dr. Adam Lea of the University of London Department of Climate and Space Physics, issued their long-range prediction for the 2014 season in December. This season could see as many as five intense hurricanes (category 3-5), nine hurricanes (category 1-2), and 18 tropical storms.

Now is the time to take action and get ready for hurricane season. Formulate an evacuation plan if you live on or near the coast. Know the evacuation routes and put together an evacuation kit that includes non-perishable food, clothing, water, and personal items to take with you.
Understand the dangers of tropical cyclones as they pertain to where you live and how they will affect you, so that you can be prepared ahead of time. Stock non-perishable food supplies and a minimum of 1 gallon of water per person, per day, for at least one week. Provide for an alternative source of electrical power. Standby generators are best; portables offer a less-expensive option, but fuel for portables may be scarce during a widespread power outage.

if you need any type of hurricane protection contact CAT 5 Shutters LLC in west palm beach. Visit us on the web at or call us toll free at 1-877-CAT-FIVE.
Remember that Hurricane Preparedness Week begins May 25th. The time to begin preparedness is now, before the season begins.

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Winter is here South Florida- Welcome change?

Posted by cat5shuttersllc on January 16, 2014

Winter is here South Florida- Welcome change?Colder this morning! It’s only going to warm up a few degrees as Arctic air swings into South Florida on a gusty northwest wind today.

Today: Sunny, windy and cold, high 60. NW 20 mph.
Tonight: Freeze warnings for the Treasure Coast and a freeze watch for inland areas of Palm Beach County west of 441. There also could be frost for areas west of the turnpike. Protect sensitive plants and pets.
Friday: Sunny and cool, High 68.
Another cold front Friday night will keep us chilly over the weekend.
Saturday, sunny with highs in the mid 60s
Saturday night clear and cold with lows in the upper 30s to near 40.

Sunday: Sunny and cool, highs in the upper 60s.

Next Week: Slow warm up to start the week, then another big cool down mid week.

Stay Warm South Florida.

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Flooding throughout South Florida

Posted by cat5shuttersllc on January 10, 2014

Flooding throughout South FloridaCertain areas received double digits amounts of rain, according to the National Weather Service. in Boynton Beach, 17.72 inches were recorded. “I couldn’t believe it when I woke up,” Boynton Beach resident Mary Weatherford said. “I tried to get to work, everyone around here’s got a day off I guess.”
Weatherford said she was using a kayak to go to the store and get milk.
The flooding had I-95 southbound lanes closed early Friday in Boynton Beach.
Officials were assisting residents who were flooded out of their homes in finding temporary shelter. Crews were also out late Thursday and early Friday helping motorists who became stranded in the flooding.
Footage showed several residents navigating the flood waters in kayaks and canoes.
Man Threw Trash on Another Man’s Law for Months: Cops

Schools in St. Lucie County were also closed as a result of the flooding.
Martin County Fire Rescue officials said a possible tornado in Hobe Sound damaged 30 homes. No injuries were reported, but officials say there were multiple downed power lines.
More rain is expected Friday before the weather clears for the weekend.
The South Florida Water Management District said it was coordinating with local drainage districts and local governments to move water out of low-lying areas. Water managers were expected to provide an update Friday afternoon.

Hopefully by the end of the weekend South Florida will dry up. Stay Safe!

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