Hurrican Shutters

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Monroe County CAT 5 Job

Posted by cat5shuttersllc on December 6, 2013

Monroe County CAT 5 JobCat 5 Shutters LLC is especially proud to offer the most advanced Hurricane Protection systems on the market today. Available in a wide array of designer styles and colors our easy to use hurricane shutters will add value to your property! Hurricane Protection, Hurricane Shutters, Storm Shutters, Window Shutters or Accordion Hurricane Shutters, whatever you call them we can do them. Below are some of the products we offer, take a look and let us know what we can do for you.Accordion Shutters: Our Accordion Shutter system is one of the strongest in the industry, the blades in the open position only take up one inch per foot including uni-mate. We are the Manufacturer & Installer!Bahama Shutters: Bahama shutters provide storm protection as well as sun protection. Available in three types from lightweight to Heavy Hurricane approved.Colonial Shutters: Provide storm protection as well as cosmetic enhancement. Available in three types from lightweight to Heavy Hurricane approved.Roll Down Hurricane Shutters: Are the most convenient and easiest system to operate. Roll down shutters will reduce your Air Conditioning costs and lower noise by up to 70% They also will protect your furniture’s exposure to direct sunlight. Available in Clear, White, Ivory Beige and Bronze.Storm Panel Hurricane Shutters: Inexpensive hurricane protection. These steel or aluminum shutters attach to the walls around windows and doors on bolts or tracks. Storm panels are corrugated, and each piece overlaps the next for maximum strength. There are several styles of storm panels to choose from.Roll Down Hurricane Screens: Fabric Based Hurricane Protection With Storm Catcher Roll Down Screen. Enjoy incredibly effective hurricane protection and the convenience of an electronically controlled or manually operated rolling hurricane screen system.Stainless Steel Screens: Energy Savings and protection. Fort Security Storm & Door Systems will save you money on your electric bill on the window exposed to the sun. You may also be entitled to a discount from your insurance company. We are the first in the industry to pass the tough Dade County hurricane protocol. Offering 24/7 protection, no more worries for the last minute installation rush of cumbersome, heavy sharp edged or clear hurricane storm panels as the hurricane approaches.Garage Door Braces: High quality aircraft grade aluminum. Lightweight (14 lbs). Incredibly strong. Telescoping design. Fits garage doors up to 8′ tall. 5 minute install. Even with shutters, if your garage door fails, the full force of the hurricane will enter your home and could possibly blow off your roof or otherwise seriously damage your home.We do work in the following cities throughout Monroe County:Plantation Key, Islamorada, Key Largo, Ocean Reef, Tavernier, Marathon, Long Key, Cudjoe Key and Big Pine Key.Here is another quality job done by CAT 5 Shutters:227 Treasure Harbor Dr. Isamorada, FL 33036Drive by any of our jobs we have done and take a look! If you would like to see a quality CAT 5 Shutter job in your area contact us and we will be happy to give you references. Once you see our quality work feel free give us a call to schedule your free estimate for your hurricane protection needs. Call toll free at 1-800-CAT-FIVE or visit us on the web at


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