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Building Codes- Make sure you know what you need to be approved

Posted by cat5shuttersllc on October 17, 2013

Building Codes- Make sure you know what you need to be approvedIncorporation of South Florida’s Standards
“High Velocity Hurricane Zone (Miami-Dade and
Broward Counties)” consists of the
strong hurricane provisions
adopted by South Florida in
response to Hurricane Andrew.

• Based on The American Society
of Civil Engineers Standard
ASCE 7-98
• Requires buildings to withstand wind forces
resulting from design wind speeds
• Except: Broward County – 140 Mph
and Miami-Dade County – 146

Requires additional
protection from wind-borne
debris in:
1. “Wind-borne debris region” where design speeds
are greater than 120 mph or greater than 110 mph
if within 1 mile of the coast. Except the Florida
panhandle where the region lies within 1 mile of
the coast.
2. “High velocity hurricane zone” of Miami-Dade
and Broward counties.

Wind Borne Debris Region
Non High Velocity Hurricane Zone
1. Design and build as “enclosed” with glazed openings protected by
shutters or impact resistant glass.
Exterior glazing that receives positive pressure in the lower 60 feet of a
building shall be assumed to be openings unless such glazing is impact
resistant or protected with an impact resistant covering meeting the
requirements of:
• SSTD 12
• ASTM E 1886 and ASTM E 1996 or
• Miami-Dade PA 201, 202, and 203
2. Design and build as “partially enclosed” making the building capable of
withstanding resulting combined external and internal wind pressures if
glazed openings fail.

CAT 5 Shutter, LLC follows all Miami-Dade Building codes.  Contact CAT 5 Shutters, LLC for all your hurricane protections needs. Visit us on the web at or call toll free- 1877-CAT-FIVE. We do free estimates.


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