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Watching for Redevelopement of Dorian

Posted by cat5shuttersllc on July 29, 2013

Watching for Redevelopement of  Dorian

Still watching the former Tropical Storm Dorian for redevelopment.The cloud pattern looks a little better organized and the hurricane center says there is a 40% chance of redevelopment. They will send a plane out later this Monday afternoon to see if it has regenerated. If it does redevelop it will keep the same name… Dorian.
The computer models still show the cloud area moving in the direction of Florida in the coming days later this week. Whether it develops or not, the cloud area will still come close to the Bahamas and could have an affect on our weather this Wednesday or Thursday and Friday with an increase in clouds and rain chances, and possibly a stronger more breezy southeast wind 15-20 mph on Thursday and Friday.

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