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Hurricane Shutters Cost Calculation in Your Area

Posted by cat5shuttersllc on June 24, 2013

Hurricane Shutters Cost Calculation in Your AreaHurricane shutters are are designed to protect windows and doors during a hurricane. The design includes strong fixtures which will prevent the wind from ripping the shutter off, along with a sturdy construction which will resist flying debris and prevent crushing or breaching of the shutter. In areas where hurricanes are common, public safety agencies and local governments usually strongly recommend that homeowners install hurricane shutters to safety, and to minimize costly damages caused by hurricanes and strong storms.

There are a number of different styles of hurricane shutters on the market, including roll down, accordion n, colonial, and Bahama shutters, along with storm panels. Many hardware and home supply stores carry these shutters and the installation equipment, and it is also possible to order them directly from manufacturers and suppliers.

The Homewyse Hurricane Shutter cost estimator provides up to date pricing information for your area. Enter your zip code, the size of your project below and click “Update”. The table below summarizes the average 2013 cost to install Hurricane Shutters in your area for good, better and custom quality work.

Visit the source to calculate your Hurricane Shutters cost in your area.

  • To avoid costly problems and get quality work at a fair price, have Hurricane Shutter installation completed by a licensed and bonded Deck Builder. Use the free Homewyse checklist for proven advice in finding, hiring and managing a trustworthy Deck Builder.
  • You may be able to save on Hurricane Shutter installation costs by hiring a Landscaping Contractor. Make sure that any prospective Landscaping Contractor has relevant Hurricane Shutter experience, that you verify past work, and that you follow the homewyse checklist.
  • Avoid costly warranty and maintenance problems for your Hurricane Shutter project. Use the homewyse Hurricane Shutter Installation checklists to make sure your project is completed with proper installation techniques and materials.
Hurricane Shutters – Pricing and Installation Cost Notes
  • Hurricane Shutter installation cost estimates typically require an onsite inspection – in most cases estimates are free, but will be accompanied by a strong sales pitch.
  • The homewyse cost estimates includes all typical costs for mounting hardware and shutter installation.
  • The homewyse installation cost estimate does not include costs for modifications to or reinforcement of exterior surfaces or building structure.
  • Higher priced Hurricane Shutters may include features such as sturdier and more durable shutters.
  • Cost ranges account for variations in contractor skill, job location and seasonal contractor wage rates.
  • Hurricane Shutter installation costs will approach the high end of the range in or near major metropolitan areas.
  • Save money on installation costs by being flexible on project scheduling – schedule your project during slow periods for the installer.
  • Save money on the total project by having multiple vendors bid on the same, complete description of Hurricane Shutter work for your project.
Hurricane Shutters By Cat 5 Shutters
Professional Installation You Can Trust

When only the best will do, ask for Cat 5 Shutters LLC hurricane protection products.

Price should not be the only determining factor when choosing a company for your Hurricane Shutter needs. Make a wise choice and consider the following:

  • Licensed and Insured Contractor
  • Top rating by the Better Business Bureau
  • Established company that will be around for many years for service work
  • Ask for Testimonials from previous customers and for referrals in your area
  • Not all Shutters are created equal. There are many cheap alternatives out there. Make sure you are getting a Miami Dade hurricane rating and then compare price.

Contact Cat 5 Shutters today for a free quote.

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