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How To Measure Hurricane Shutters

Posted by cat5shuttersllc on June 21, 2013

How To Measure Hurricane ShuttersInstalling hurricane shutters may be necessary to protect your home and property from damages that can occur from strong winds during a hurricane. If hurricanes cause your doors or windows to shatter and break, high wind pressure may cause extensive damage to the inside of your home and in some cases, cause your roof to blow off. To select hurricane shutters that are best designed to protect your home, you must know how to measure your windows properly so you can choose the right shutter size. This blog talks about how to best measure your doors, windows, and other openings for hurricane shutters.

  1. Make a list of every location or opening in your home that will allow wind into your home if broken.Openings you should include on the list are doors, windows, vents, or sky lights. Designate columns for width and height on the paper to help you keep track of proper measurements and dimensions.
  2. Measure your windows and doors from outside of your house.This method will provide you with accurate measurements since you need to protect the inside of your home from outside winds. Place the beginning of your tape measure on the outside of the window or door’s rough opening. For example, if there is space between the window itself and the outside frame or exterior wall, include the length of the outside frame or exterior wall so you can cover the entire window opening area and not just the window itself. Stretch the tape measure across the width of the window or door to its opposite side to determine the correct length. Write the width of the opening into your notebook or paper under the appropriate column for that specific opening. Repeat the measuring steps to determine the height of the same opening and write the measurement in the corresponding column for height.
  3. Visit each opening in your home and repeat the measuring and documentation process.If you have windows with shapes other than squares or rectangles, measure each corner angle and side and write it down in your notebook. You may want to add up to 8 inches (20.32 centimeters) to each width and height measurement to provide an overlap of 4 inches (10.16 centimeters) on each side for extra security and protection. If you are ordering hurricane shutters from an online or local business, you may want to check with them before providing dimensions to see if they plan on adding extra length for overlap protection.
  4. Test the fit of your hurricane shutters.The plywood or material you use for your hurricane shutters should fit snugly within the inset of the outside opening of your door or window to provide the best protection.Source
Professional Installation of Hurricane Shutters

Professional installation relieves you of the burden of designing the shutter system and the physical task of installing them. It does not relieve you of the burden of selecting a reputable and competent installation company that is capable of designing shutter systems and then getting them installed.

Don’t get caught with a malfunctioning shutter during a hurricane!

When it comes to securing the safety of your family, home and business during severe weather, only the finest storm protection will do. That’s why so many businesses and residents trust Cat 5 Shutters LLC, the world’s leading producer of hurricane shutters based out of West Palm Beach, Florida (Palm Beach County) to help protect the people and property they care about most during Hurricane Season… and throughout the year. Cat 5 Shutters has achieved a A ratings with the Better Business Bureau.

Cat 5 Shutters LLC is especially proud to introduce the most advanced Hurricane Protection systems on the market today. Our hurricane shutters are available in a wide array of designer styles, colors and will add value to your property and make it easier to secure your entire home than ever before!

We invite you to contact us today for more information, and discover the secret to enjoying unprecedented storm protection and “peace-of-mind” for many years to come!

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