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Problems With Plywood Used As Shutters

Posted by cat5shuttersllc on June 10, 2013

Problems With Plywood Used As ShuttersVery often plywood is used for shuttering, but for heavier-duty applications and exceptionally large concrete structures, steel shuttering may be a more appropriate material. Plywood is often used because it is lightweight and inexpensive, and while steel can be more costly, heavier, and more difficult to transport and store, it is a much stronger material that will withstand heavier amounts of weight from concrete in its liquid and solid forms. Large construction projects are likely to feature steel shuttering structures, especially if the steel will remain as part of the concrete structure once the concrete has set.

Plywood is very durable, but the application requires strong, able-bodied people. In addition, property damage is incurred in both the application process and the removal process.

There is no argument plywood is a very effective material when applied as hurricane proofing on windows or used as a deterrent against looting during riots on storefront windows. However a few problems arise (source):


Purchasing plywood to hurricane proof windows is expensive and reserved for a small percentage of the population who can afford it. This does not include costs of fasteners (nails), tools, transportation and installation (see Time & Labor) of materials.

Time and Labor

Depending on the size of project, an entire day or more is required to install plywood. In some cases, depending on the consumer (seniors, disabled, maternal), hiring a handyman at hourly rates is required. More time and labor is expended during plywood removal.


In the days leading up to a major storm, suppliers often run out of stock as suppliers have limited retail space in which to store plywood. Consumers also tend to horde the less expensive grades of wood.


The challenges of where to store the wood when its usefulness has past. Trying to keep large amounts of plywood dry and rot free requires a lot of storage space.


Incurred during installation and removal of plywood. Holes, scratches, and other damage is left behind from screws, nails, and power tools.


Risk of injury to consumer in his or her attempts to install and remove plywood, especially in dealing with tall buildings.


Plywood will reject sunlight, rendering the interior of the house in blackout during possible power failure. It will also hamper rescue efforts if rescuers are unable to visually determine if the property is occupied.


Although applying plywood to windows does provide storm protection, a direct impact by a foreign object will transmit energy through the plywood causing the glass to shatter, exposing the occupants to possible injury. Source

Steel Material for Your Window Shutters

Steel shuttering refers to steel panels or structures that are put in place ahead of the pouring of concrete. The panels are held in place with rods or connecting pins known as false work. Steel shuttering is used to create a mold in which concrete can be poured and set to create a concrete structure. The panels are often temporary supports that are removed after the concrete has set, though in some instances, the steel panels are kept in place as a permanent part of the structure.

There are various types of steel shuttering available. Some of it can be exceptionally lightweight but rigid, featuring ridges that allow better adhesion to the concrete. Such ridges or corrugation also allows for a certain amount of flex in the concrete as it expands or contracts depending on the temperature and the amount of moisture. Corrugated steel is often used as shuttering if the steel will be left in place as a permanent feature of the structure. Thicker steel without corrugation will generally be used as a temporary mold that will be removed once the concrete has set.

Storm Panel Hurricane Shutters From Cat 5 Shutters

Storm Panel Aluminum ShuttersThese steel or aluminum shutters attach to the walls around windows and doors on bolts or tracks. Storm panels are corrugated, and each piece overlaps the next for maximum strength.

  • Most inexpensive of the permanent shutter systems
  • Removable, so they don’t change the look of the house when not in use
  • Strong, and can provide excellent protection for both doors and windows

  • Require storage, but usually stack together tightly and take up little space
  • Can be difficult to handle; hanging can require more than one person
  • Sometimes don’t line up properly
  • Have sharp edges

There are several styles of storm panels to choose from.

  1. The first style incorporates both tracks and bolts. The top of the panel is slipped into a track above the window, and the bottom of the panel is secured to bolts that are permanently attached beneath the window.
  2. The second style uses a set of C-shaped tracks above and below the windows and doors. Bolts slide into the tracks from either side and must be manually aligned with the holes on the panels.
  3. The third style uses only bolts permanently set into the wall beside the windows and doors. They can be loosened as the panel is hung horizontally, and screwed down to secure it.

NOTE: The biggest problem with storm panels is that homeowners often don’t check them when they buy a home. Many discover later that panels are missing or were cut improperly, or are too heavy to install themselves.

Don’t get caught with a malfunctioning shutter during a hurricane!

Cat 5 Shutters LLC offer the finest and strongest hurricane shutters and storm protection on the market. All of our hurricane shutters are tested and approved by Miami-Dade County and the Florida building code (High velocity Hurricane Zone) which will guarantee the purchaser the highest level of “Peace of Mind” during a hurricane disaster. We manufacture a wide varity of hurricane shutters; Accordion Shutters, Bahamas Shutters, Colonial Shutters, Roll Down Shutters, Storm Panels, Stainless Steel Screens, and Roll Down Screens. Keeping Floridians safe against hurricanes, storms, intruders and the suns rays based out of West Palm Beach, Florida (Palm Beach County).

We invite you to contact us today for more information, and discover the secret to enjoying unprecedented storm protection and “peace-of-mind” for many years to come!

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