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Roll-Down/Up Hurricane Shutters by CAT 5 Shutters, LLC

Posted by cat5shuttersllc on March 5, 2013

Roll-Down/Up Hurricane Shutters by CAT 5 Shutters, LLCThese hurricane shutters attach above the window. They roll up and down, stored in an enclosed box when not in use. They are lowered either manually by a hand crank or automatically by push button, and lock in place for storm protection.

Rolling shutters provide an attractive, sophisticated appearance. You no longer have to operate with a “boarded up” look where customer’s can’t tell whether you are home or not or your business is open or closed.  In addition rolling shutters are used on yachts to protect equipment during time at sea!

Rolling Shutters protect windows, sliding doors to greatly minimize the intrusion of water through the door caused by rain driven by storm-force winds.

Open Roll Down / Up Hurricane Shutters
Available in White, Ivory Beige and Bronze. Average storm preparation time: Minimal; probably the easiest hurricane shutter to operate.


Are permanently affixed above the windows
Don’t require any extra storage space
Can easily be made storm-ready by one person
Offers some of the best hurricane protection
Also make an excellent theft deterrent
Reduces your Air Conditioning costs
Lowers noise by up to 70%


Most expensive of the popular shutter systems
Push-button-operated roll / up-down hurricane shutters require a battery backup system so the shutters can be lowered and raised during power outages.

Distributed by Viestly


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