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Hurricane Sandy is now a Category 2! Tropical Storm Warning for Coastal Palm Beach County!

Posted by cat5shuttersllc on October 25, 2012

Hurricane Sandy is now a Category 2!  Tropical Storm Warning for Coastal Palm Beach County!

Probability of Tropical Storm Conditions!


Although there is little chancde for Hurricane conditions at this time in Palm Beach County, the chance for Tropical Storm conditions at this time is present.  This represents a general downward trend since the last forecast.


WINDS will increase through the morning hours with gusts to 35 to 45 mph, especially in showers and a few thunderstorms.  As hurricane sandy makes its closest approach to southeast Florida late tonight and Friday, sustained winds will increase to 30 to 35 mph with gusts to 50 to 60 mph.  Stronger winds are possible if Sandy moves closer than currently forecassted.  Continue to closely monitor the forecast for any significant changes and be ready to act given the uncertainty with the forecast.

PREPARATIo”NS should be made for the threat of minor wind damage.  There is a potential for damage to unanchored mobile homes!


PORCHES, CARPORTS and AWNINGS along with some damage to shingles and siding. LARGE BRANCHES broken off trees with several shallow-rooted and diseased trees blown down and unsecured light  weight objects easily blown about becoming dangerous projectiles driving conditions will be DANGEROUS on bridges and other elevated roadways, especially for high profile vehicles.  A few roads may be impassable due to large debries.  There is potential for scattered power outages, especially in areas with above ground lines!


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