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Tropics Watch: Atlantic Becoming Active

Posted by cat5shuttersllc on August 9, 2012

Tropics Watch: Atlantic Becoming ActiveAreas to Watch

In addition to Ernesto, we will be watching two other areas in the Atlantic basin for development over the next several days.

The above image is an overview of the Atlantic and eastern Pacific Ocean basins, based on analysis provided by Senior Meteorologist Stu Ostro (On Twitter | On Facebook) and Hurricane Specialist Bryan Norcross (On Twitter | On Facebook). Named storms, hurricanes, or depressions in either basin will be labeled on the graphic. Any other features of interest we’re keeping an eye on for possible development will be circled.

If there are areas of interest, you’ll find zoomed-in details in the next few images. Otherwise, we’ll provide perspective graphics on tropical cyclone climatology for the current month, as well as status updates on the season-to-date.

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Watching Central Atlantic Low
We are monitoring an area of low pressure for development in the central Atlantic Ocean. The system is forecast to move in the direction of the Lesser Antilles the next few days.

Africa Low-Pressure System
A new area of low pressure is set to emerge from Africa. This low will be monitored closely for development over the next several days.

2012 Atlantic Hurricane Season Scorecard

The May duo of Tropical Storm Alberto and Tropical Storm Beryl, followed by the bizarre Hurricane Chris and Tropical Storm Debby put us well ahead of the pace, with Ernesto and Florence now adding to the total. In a typical season, the “A” storm arrives by the second week of July. The average first Atlantic hurricane arrives by the second week of August.

Watch the Tropical Update!
We have the latest briefing from The Weather Channel meteorologists above. Just click play for your personal tropical briefing.

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