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Insurance Savings and Safety With Hurricane Shutters

Posted by cat5shuttersllc on March 19, 2012

Insurance Savings and Safety With Hurricane ShuttersMy Safe Florida Home website keeps Floridians informed and provides plenty of information and resources on how to prepare for a hurricane season. To find out what available savings and discounts are available with construction features related to hurricane protection the organization encourages you to contact your insurance agent or company.

Hurricane Protection and Construction Features:
  • Hurricane protection on all of your windows and exterior doors, such as shutters or impact resistance windows and garage doors
  • A hip roof (sloped on all sides like a pyramid)
  • Roof to wall connections that are installed with hurricane clips/straps. Discounts will vary depending on the type of connection such as toe nail, clips, single wraps or double wraps.
  • Florida Building Code-approved roof covering. Discounts will vary depending on the type of covering such as asphalt, tile or metal
Home Insurance Savings with Allstate

The information below is written and provided by Brian Culbertson, Fort Myers Allstate Insurance Agent.

If you live in Florida, installing hurricane shutters is a smart decision. After watching the impact of Category 4 and 5 hurricanes on coastal cities and towns, we realize how quickly hurricanes can change paths and how devastating they can be. Sometimes there may not be time to board up the windows, and even if there is, this may not be enough to keep your home and family safe from flying debris. However, shutter safety is not the only reason to consider hurricane shutters.

You can also save money!

Florida law requires Allstate home insurance companies to offer homeowners discounts or credits for protecting your home and family from hurricanes with shutters. They offer discounts for existing building features or home improvements that reduce damage and loss from hurricanes. Allstate home insurance companies are required to file these discounts with the Office of Insurance Regulation. Below is an excerpt from MySafeFloridaHome regarding applying for hurricane shutter and similar discounts on your insurance.

  1. Contact your agent or your company directly to find out the specific items for which discounts are available.
  2. Verify the amount of the discount for each item as it applies to YOUR policy. For example: Hurricane shutters will result in a 30 percent discount on the windstorm premium. The windstorm premium is $300 of the total $600 annual premium. Therefore, the discount will equal a $90 annual savings on the premium.
  3. Request the specific criteria that are needed to apply for and receive the discounts that are listed for your company. Example: Does the roof need to be inspected by a certified wind inspector? Do the shutters need to meet a specific wind resistance rating? Have you gotten your wind mitigation inspection done yet?
  4. Verify the documentation that needs to be submitted in order to apply for and receive the discounts. Example: photos of the items installed, proof of purchase and installation.
  5. Verify to whom the documentation should be submitted. Be sure to keep copies of all documentation, the date submitted and the mailing verification information.
  6. Request confirmation of when the discount will take effect.
  7. Verify if the discount will be in the form of a premium discount, a credit to your premium balance or a refund on premium paid.

Shutters will help protect your home, family, and your wallet. Contact your Allstate insurance agent today.

Professional Hurricane Shutters Installation

Cat 5 Shutters LLC offer the finest and strongest hurricane shutters and storm protection on the market. All of our hurricane shutters are tested and approved by Miami-Dade County and the Florida building code (High velocity Hurricane Zone) which will guarantee the purchaser the highest level of “Peace of Mind” during a hurricane disaster. We manufacture a wide variety of hurricane shutters; Accordion Hurricane Shutters, Bahamas Hurricane Shutters, Colonial Hurricane Shutters, Roll Down Hurricane Shutters, Storm Hurricane Panels, Stainless Steel Hurricane Screens, and Roll Down Screens. Keeping Floridians safe against hurricanes, storms, intruders and the suns rays based out of West Palm Beach, Florida (Palm Beach County).

We invite you to contact us today for more information, and discover the secret to enjoying unprecedented storm protection and “peace-of-mind” for many years to come!

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