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Accordion Shutters and How To Maintain Them

Posted by cat5shuttersllc on March 12, 2012

Accordion Shutters and How To Maintain ThemCat 5 accordion hurricane shutters, durability and versatility of accordion hurricane shutters makes installation possible on almost any type of building, wood frame, steel or concrete and block. Cat 5 shutters can be opened and closed from either inside or outside as the window type allows. Cat 5 accordion hurricane shutters permanently become part of any building, they are easily closed or opened by just one person. But like many things in life, without maintenance, things fall apart.  The same rule applies to hurricane shutters. Regardless of the expert installation and product durability, regular maintenance will make a huge difference down the line.

What Are Accordion Hurricane Shutters?

Accordion shutters are mechanical in nature (they roll across a track).  The wheels carry all the weight of the hurricane shutter and coincidentally are the weakest link when it comes to deferred maintenance.  If you live along the coast and haven’t maintained or at least operated your hurricane shutters regularly, let me know how it goes for you next time you try to close them. Accordion shutters help protect your home during hurricanes or other inclement weather. Since they are folded like an accordion, they can curve around convex windows and walls.

  • Maximum strength and security.
  • Convenient operation from inside or outside of house.
  • 4 standard colors, White, Ivory, Beige and Bronze.
  • Unlimited widths and 12′ Heights available.
  • Concealed floor tracks available.
Accordion Shutters are versatile for:
  • Concrete, masonry, steel, wood frame construction.
  • Curved area needing storm protection.
  • Simple slide together operation.
  • Ability to operate and secure from inside as well as outside.

Because they are so easy to use, accordion shutters are a popular option for homes in hurricane-prone parts of the U.S. If you keep your shutters clean and oiled, they should last through many storm seasons. While some window installation companies offer shutter maintenance, you can maintain accordion shutters on your own.

Trisha Bartle, eHow contributor, suggests the following tips on how to maintain your Accordion Hurricane Shutters:

  1. Maintain the tracks at the top and bottom of the window. Clean them of any debris using water and a rag. When dry, apply a thin layer of white or aluminum lubricant along the inside of both tracks.

Open and close the accordion shutters several times to thoroughly lubricate the tracks and wheels. Make sure to do this while the lubricant is still moist.

Leave the shutter open in order to clean the slats. For light dirt, use a cloth rag dampened with water. If accordion shutter dirt is hard to remove, use an all-purpose cleaner suited to the shutter acrylic or laminated slats. For 
Clean the other side of the accordion shutters by opening the window and taking out the screen. This will give you access to the inside of the shutter when it is open and extended across the window. Use the same cleaning techniques as you used on the front side.

Test your shutters regularly. Open and close them, keeping an eye on the tracks and other movable parts. Examine the mounting fasteners to make sure that none are broken. Consider keeping a stockpile of extra fasteners in case of emergency as these may break during a storm.

Shutter Maintenance Tips & Warnings
  • For best results, maintain your accordion shutters at least once each year. If you live in a stormy area, consider maintaining them every six months.
When cleaning shutter slats, use a light hand or you may damage the slats or the tracks.

When it comes to securing the safety of your family, home and business during severe weather, only the finest storm protection will do. Contact Cat 5 Hurricane Shutters today for a professional advise and installation.

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