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Selecting Hurricane Shutters For Your Home

Posted by cat5shuttersllc on March 2, 2012

Selecting Hurricane Shutters For Your HomeHurricane shutters may be a more valuable commodity than ever before. It seems that the weather brings a violent storm somewhere in the country every month of the year. Hurricane shutters are heavy extruded aluminum covers that fit over windows or glass doors to protect them from damage. There are several types of shutters designed to fit in with the style of the house as much as possible and still perform as intended.

There are many styles to choose from depending on the look you want and the amount of money you are willing to invest.

Automatic shutters are the most expensive type, usually costing from $20 to $55 per square foot. These are generally installed above your windows or doors, tucked away in a box. With the simple flip of a switch, the motorized unit pulls the shutter and runs along a pair of tracks until the window is covered.

Accordion style shutters are similar in the fact that they housed alongside the window when not in use. But instead of rolling down over the opening, they expand out until they either cover the exposed area or meet a matching shutter installed on the opposite side.

The next group of shutters, range from $15 to $30 per square foot and come in several different looks to choose from, depending on the style of your home. Instead of being hidden away in a box, these serve double-duty by proving shade when not positioned for hurricane protection. They include the Bahama style, which is made up of slats to allow the light through, colonial style, and awning style. All of them are installed hinged at the top of the window, and in times of bad weather, can be folded down and locked in place at the bottom. The type of material that they are made from goes a long way in determining how effective they will be, with flimsier material providing significantly less protection.

And the final category uses panels that are removed and stored elsewhere when not in use. The panels can be made from steel or aluminum, which range from $7 to $15 per square foot, or simply be a sheet of plywood. For the metal panels, channels are installed above and below the opening, which the panels slide into. There is also some method for locking them in place. Plywood on the other hand is usually attached directly to the window frame with either lag bolts or barrel bolts. If using plywood, make sure it is at least 5/8 of an inch thick for adequate protection.

Types of Exterior Shutters

HardyAlex011 has written an well-detailed description of the types of shutters. Thank you for sharing.
There are basically four basic shutter styles. They are the Louvered shutters, Raised panel shutters, Board and batten shutters and the Bahama style shutters.

The Louvered shutter is a traditional type of shutter. It can be used for older as well modern homes. But it a better match for those with traditional style.
Raised panel shutters look good on brick surfaces. Its sleek and simple lines give a contemporary/modern look and are seen more on newly constructed homes. They are also seen on older homes that have been remodeled to reflect todays modern design style. The Raised Panel is a solid shutter with, a raised panel in the center. You can chose this shutter style if your homes has an updated interior and exterior design.
Board and batten shutters are usually seen on cottage style homes. But they look good on modern homes as well. They give an old world feel to your home.

Bahama style shutters are generally seen on homes warm and tropical climates. In the Bahama style shutter, one shutter panel hinges at the top of the window; opening vertically instead of horizontally. When it is closed it gives great privacy, and when its open it still allows protection from the elements.

You also should decide on the kind of material that you want for the shutters. Shutters are usually made of wood, vinyl and aluminium. Vinyl shutters are usually low cost and low maintenance. Wood, on the other hand, is a more versatile material and can easily be changed to meet your design needs. It is much easier to achieve custom sizes and can be painted or stained to match any look. If the shutters become weathered, they can easily be stripped, sanded and repainted, or stained.

Shutter hardware is as critical to the overall look of your shutter project as the shutters themselves. If your shutter hardware is properly painted and cared for, it will last for a very long time.
Stainless steel hardware is an option because it provides additional durability and longevity for any installation. Stainless steel hardware is ideal for coastal areas and humid climate where rusting may be an issue.

There are different styles of hardware to choose from, and a good supplier will take the time talk to you about your personal preferences. At a minimum you will need to select hinges and some form of tie back (shutter dog or otherwise). You may also want to consider locks, pull rings and bullet catches.

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