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Florida Legislation To Protect The Consumer Of Hurricane Protection Products

Posted by cat5shuttersllc on February 24, 2012

Florida Legislation To Protect The Consumer Of Hurricane Protection ProductsThomas Johnston, President of the International Hurricane Protection Association (IHPA), announced today that the IHPA applauds Florida lawmakers for moving forward with legislation (Florida HB 849) to protect consumers purchasing hurricane protection products in the State of Florida. The new law, effective July 1, 2011 makes it a violation of the Florida Deceptive and Unfair Trade Practices Act, to advertise, sell, offer, provide, distribute or market any product as hurricane, windstorm or impact resistant unless it is in compliance with the provisions for product approval in the Florida Building Code.

For many years, the IHPA has been expressing industry concern to consumers and government authorities about the growing trend of untested and unapproved products being marketed as hurricane and windstorm protection. Johnston pointed out that advertising would often highlight the benefits of the product without ever mentioning that it could not meet the minimum test standards set forth in the Florida or International Building Codes. Often the advertising has been cleverly created to fool the consumer.

“If you see pictures of windblown palm trees, satellite images of hurricanes and wording such as – ‘protection against severe weather’, what is the consumer to think?” Johnston stated that advertisers would imply hurricane protection and hide behind the claim that they did not actually state it.

New Law states:

“A product may not be advertised, sold, offered, provided, distributed, or marketed as hurricane, windstorm, or impact protection from wind-borne debris from a hurricane or windstorm unless it is approved pursuant to s. 553.842 or s. 553.8425. Any person who advertises, sells, offers, provides, distributes, or markets a product as hurricane, windstorm, or impact protection from wind-borne debris without such approval is subject to the Florida Deceptive and Unfair Trade Practices Act under part II of chapter 501 brought by the enforcing authority as defined in s. 501.203.”

Hurricane Protection with Hurricane Shutters from Cat 5 Shutters

Hurricane shutters protect from all types of storms. Cyclones in the North Atlantic Ocean, North Pacific Ocean, or South Pacific Ocean are called hurricanes. Tropical storms along the Northwest Pacific Ocean are referred to as typhoons.

Property owners along the Gulf of Mexico and Atlantic Ocean should strongly consider installing hurricane shutters. Category 5 hurricanes can result in structural damages in excess of 15 miles from the shore. Cat 5 hurricane shutters are recommended for all regions close to the shore.

Factors that influence the best hurricane shutter for the application include cost, quality, building codes, and availability. Standard exterior shutters may not be able to endure the extreme punishment necessary to protect the building. The most common styles of hurricane shutters include roll-down hurricane shutters, accordion hurricane shutters, storm panels, colonial hurricane shutters, and Bahamas hurricane shutters. Each of these styles of exterior hurricane shutter is constructed from various materials including aluminum metal and fabric. Some remain affixed to the building at all times, and others are removed and stored until needed.

Cats 5 Shutters has installed Hurricane Shutters, Storm Shutters, Roll-up and down shutters, Windows Shutters, Bahama Shutters, Accordion Shutters, Shutters for Windows and Hurricane Protection throughout multiple counties in South Florida.

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