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Why Choose Accordion Hurricane Shutters

Posted by cat5shuttersllc on February 10, 2012

Why Choose Accordion Hurricane ShuttersAccordion shutters provide a great solution for exterior hurricane shutters. Accordion shutters are comprised of long narrow vertical sections of metal (usually aluminum) that connect to one another and pivot on joints between the sections. The joints alternate pointing toward the window and away from the window, allowing the accordion shutters to collapse to the outside of the opening.

Exterior accordion shutters offer strong protection from a hurricane or storm, security from persons or animals trying to enter the building, and practical light control. The primary negative aspect of accordion hurricane shutters is they are unattractive to some. Accordion shutters are affordable relative to other hurricane shutters available.

Accordion shutters are permanently attached to the structure and slide open and closed on a tracking system. The shutters are extremely easy and fast to secure in a closed position to protect window openings. Some accordion shutters can be opened or closed from the inside. Accordion shutters are much safer than plywood shutters or storm panels, and do not require tool once they are installed.

Unlike some other types of exterior hurricane shutters, accordion shutters are available in unlimited widths and heights up to 12 feet high. The vast sizes available make it possible to cover large doors, picture windows, and buildings with overly large windows without sacrificing durability. In addition to the large sizes available, accordion shutters can also be made to fit arched openings, bay windows, and other non-rectangular shaped openings.

Accordion shutters are generally priced per square foot. The cost of accordion shutters may not fit every budget, but bare in mind that accordion shutters generally exceed local building codes, which may help justify spending the extra money. As with many types of shutters, accordion outdoor hurricane shutters qualify for property insurance deductions and add equity in the structure.

Aside from hurricane protection or security, accordion shutters can be a barrier to insulate from direct sunlight. Western windows in tropical environments absorb intense heat from the afternoon sun. Closed accordion shutters block virtually all sunlight, creating a cool dark interior. This may be especially convenient when a unit or dwelling is vacant.

Accordion shutters may be installed as a do-it-yourself project with moderate to advanced carpentry skills and proper tools. If installation is too intimidating or advised, the homeowner may hire a licensed contractor to provide the service. Accordion shutters roll open and closed on wheels and have locking systems so it is very important that installation is done to the manufacturer’s specifications.

If the shutters are not installed properly it could void the manufacturer’s warranty and result in difficult operation and locking. Don’t get caught with a malfunctioning shutter during a hurricane!

When only the best will do, ask for Cat 5 Shutters LLC hurricane protection products.

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