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Posted by cat5shuttersllc on December 7, 2011

Hiring a Professional Window Shutters InstallerWhen it comes to securing the safety of your family, home and business during severe weather, only the finest storm protection will do. No matter how many instructional videos you watch, when it comes to installing window shutters only professional experience will do. We would like to share with you an article written by Michael Dennis.

Should You Do Your Own Home Replacement Window Installation?

I’m telling you there are tons of websites out there telling you how easy it is to install replacement windows yourself.

Not! (ok, maybe if you’re Tim Allen or Bob Villa…)
I bet a lot of you are trying to figure out how to install windows because of the crap contractors out there and you don’t want to trust this major project to THEM!

However, by installing home improvement windows yourself you might end up even worse off than a bad contractor’s work if you don’t tell yourself the truth about what it really takes to work with replacement, or new construction, windows and your home.

And what it really takes is a solid knowledge of how to measure for ordering the replacement window (NOT the same thing as measuring for pricing of the windows). It takes knowing where to cut in your home. It takes a certain physical strength to lift the home windows in and out of the tear out– and if you have the strength, it DEFINITELY takes a certain BALANCE of hefting even normal size windows (which is why the best installers usually come out in teams!). And it takes certain tools and knowledge of how to seal a home back up or patch stucco or brick or siding afterwards…

Finding a solid and trustworthy contractor is a better idea even if this seems daunting at first.

Tip: Ask any prospective home replacement window installer/contractor (and definitely talk with at LEAST 3) if they took–and passed- the “Installation Masters” windows installation course. Be sure the person actually nailing on your house is the person who took the class–not just the owner of the shop! The owner will SAY they’ve taken the class and trained their installer– but the next question is if the owner is asking for ANY payment upfront– they should be willing to get payment only after guaranteeing their install to your satisfaction before ANY payment is made!
This “Installation Masters” class used to be a formal class overseen by AAMA (American Architectural Manufacturers Association), the windows industry-regulating body. The class is now offered by a separate company that is an original off-shoot of AAMA (no longer owned by them) but that formally trains replacement window installers around the country.

Additional Tips for Hiring a Contractor
  • Ask friends, neighbors, and co-workers for contractor referrals.
  • Contact local trade organizations, such as the local Builder Association or Remodelers Council for the names of members in your area. Call AAMA or BEST– Call the window manufacturer for references to their TRAINED dealer list and STILL ASK THAT COMPANY THE QUESTIONS.
  • Check out the contractor with your local or state consumer protection officials.
  • Ask the contractor for customer references who have projects similar to yours.
  • Ask for a copy of the contractor’s current insurance certificates and licenses.
  • Get written estimates from several companies/contractors. Make sure bids are based on identical project specifications.
  • Get all guarantees, warranties and promises in WRITING.
  • Agree on start and completion dates, and have them written into the contract.

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