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Advantages of Aluminum Window Shutters

Posted by cat5shuttersllc on December 5, 2011

Advantages of Aluminum Window ShuttersWindow shutters have two main uses. They’re an alternative to other window treatments and they protect the home from the elements. Although wood is the most common material for shutters, aluminum is also used — especially for exterior windows.

Aluminum is a durable material commonly used for windows and shutters. It insulates, protects, and blocks sunlight, and it’s rust-resistant. It’s easy to tell the difference between a low quality and high quality aluminum window shutter. All you have to do is look at construction, thickness, and design.

  • The advantages of aluminum window shutters are:
  • Versatility and variety. Aluminum shutters are used for indoor and outdoor applications. They can be powder-coat finished in hundreds of colors, and customized to fit any window.
  • Neat appearance. Aluminum shutters open all the way to expose the entire width of the window. They close neatly to block heat and sunlight. Aluminum Storm Panels
  • Protection. Aluminum shutters protect the room from excess amounts of sun, heat, wind, and cold. Exterior shutters are permanent, so you don’t have to install plywood over windows before a storm. Aluminum shutters are durable, which provides good protect from high winds and debris.
  • Light control. Aluminum shutters can be adjusted to allow varying amounts of sunlight to enter, even when they’re closed.

Most aluminum shutters come with security locks for added protection against intruders. This feature may be optional with a few manufacturers. If you come across a pair that doesn’t have security locks, ask for them.

  • The disadvantages of aluminum window shutters are:
  • Appearance. Most homeowners find that aluminum is much less attractive than wood. Wood has an authentic look while aluminum can look cheap. 
Aluminum Window Shutters Styles

There are several styles of storm panels to choose from.

  • The first style incorporates both tracks and bolts. The top of the panel is slipped into a track above the window, and the bottom of the panel is secured to bolts that are permanently attached beneath the window.
  • The second style uses a set of C-shaped tracks above and below the windows and doors. Bolts slide into the tracks from either side and must be manually aligned with the holes on the panels.
  • The third style uses only bolts permanently set into the wall beside the windows and doors. They can be loosened as the panel is hung horizontally, and screwed down to secure it.

The biggest problem with storm panels is that homeowners often don’t check them when they buy a home. Many discover later that panels are missing or were cut improperly, or are too heavy to install themselves.

Cat 5 Shutters LLC is especially proud to introduce the most advanced Hurricane Protection systems on the market today. Our hurricane shutters are available in a wide array of designer styles, colors and will add value to your property and make it easier to secure your entire home than ever before!

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